Horse and Man Foundation? This monthly program finds horses in dire need and solicits donations to fundraise for their immediate rescue and aid. Horses are removed from neglect, starvation, abandonment, injury and the threat of slaughter. The Horse and Man Foundation has raised and donated more than $500,000 since its inception.

  1. The Horse and Man Group Compassionate Care Fund ? This Fund was created for animals who are being treated at an Equine Teaching Hospital and face euthanasia because of the cost of surgery, treatment or extended care who would otherwise survive. Presently, The Horse and Man Group Compassionate Care Fund is associated with the UC Davis Equine Teaching Hospital. UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital is one of the largest veterinary hospitals in the country. It offers their clients the highest level of care for equine and livestock animals. Led by board-certified veterinary specialists, the Large Animal Clinic sees thousands of patients a year, holds ground breaking clinical trials and provides continuing education for veterinarians around the world.The goal for this Fund is to grow throughout the USA so that donors may give within their communities.
  2. “Jewelry With a Purpose, For the Horses” ? This highly successful program (website link,? Facebook link) offers specially designed jewelry that corresponds with equine personalities from the Horse and Man Blog as well as one-of-a-kind pieces created by equine friendly jewelers to benefit the Horse and Man Bucket Fund.
    The idea here is to give the donor an incentive ? a gift for themselves or for another? All proceeds benefit either the Bucket Fund or, if indicated, one of the other charitable arms of Horse and Man, Inc.
  3. Horse and Man, the Blog ? Continued education, promotion and consistent branding for all of the non-profit arms of Horse and Man, Inc. (


  1. MT?s Embrace Program ? This program was built upon the understanding that sometimes a rescue/rehab facility needs a warm embrace to continue the good fight. MT?s Embrace Program will seek out deserving Rehab facilities that need extra sponsorship for medical technology. Our first campaign will be in partnership with Theraplate, a whole body vibration therapy known to stimulate blood flow and circulation, maintain muscle mass and bone density during recovery and speed healing with tremendous results for founder, colic, suspensory/tendon/joint and muscle injuries. Our goal is to place these healing and lifesaving machines where they are most needed.
  2. Horse and Man Equine Focused Disabled Veteran Outreach Program ? With close ties to the Military and Veteran community, H&M plans to create quarterly rides on military bases across the US that will benefit Equine Assisted Therapy for Disabled Veterans.
  3. Horse and Man Thrift Shop (working title) ? With many years of retail experience, Horse and Man plans to open a physical and online thrift store. Artfully presented, warm and comforting, the H&M Thrift Shop is intended to create income as well as community brand recognition.
  4. Horse and Man Community Events! ? The idea here is to raise community awareness of the equine through play. Having created so many simple and large-scale productions on a budget, it would be natural to produce entertaining and memorable community events not generally associated with fundraising. The goal of these community events would be to bring the equine into the living room on the scale of the dog, elephant and dolphin through infotainment.
  5. Large Fund Raising Campaigns through Grants and Associations – We plan to hire a well-versed and in-kind Director of Business Development.


  1. Horse and Man ReWilding Center ?? This the ultimate goal of HORSE AND MAN to establish the Horse and Man Mustang Sanctuary(s) to preserve Western rangelands by managing these properties conserved through timed grazing, soil revitalization and trophic rebuild.? The use of wild horses as a hoofed animal in Trophic Rebuild is an educational and environmental boon as well as a partial solution to the overabundance of wild horses on Federal lands.
    Fundamental horsekeeping techniques and soil/crop management formulated after the Rewild Europe group and H. Alan Day?s Mustang Meadows.? The proposed Infotainment center will offer a truly engaging experience for visitors to observe and relate to the family nature and heritage of these mustangs as well as the revitalization of the land itself.? The horses will be presented larger than life ? full of spirit, personality and fortitude ? so the human visitor will see and feel the Mustang soul and learn about the historical interdependency between humans, equines and the soil.The Sanctuary will also reach into the communities through sponsorships of local children? programs and regional activities.
  2. Expanding all Programs – into appropriate communities across the USA.